Terms and conditions of use

Secure payment

You can use direct wire transfer or pay by paypal to ensure safe payment.

Whenever you send any money by paypal please notice that paypal takes $0.25 and 3% of anything that you send. About 23% is taxes, so what we get is about 75% of what you send.

Data safety / Privacy Policy

There is no such thing as perfectly safe data. If someone wants your data they will get it. So the question is "did I ensured that your data is safe?". I did as much as I could afford by making money of this website, but in no way I take responsibility if someone will steal your data, as no data is safe in the world of skillfull crackers (it's hackers but the evil ones).

Banks have quite safe data protocols and still I was able to buy my data on black market, so if companies who earn billions can't keep our data safe how can you expect that I will have better protection.

So it's your responsibility to give me your data. If you donate to Fast and Safe you can just wire money by bank account and never fill the form.

Do I sell your data or will I ever will?
No, I don't and I will never sell your data. 
I also don't share your data for free. 

Why do I need your data?

I don't for all I care you can write fake name and address. Prestashop (it's software that this website/e-store is built on for free) that I use just requires users to fill data for taxation purposes I think.

E-mail, phone and other electronic data can be real if you want to get updates on progress in case you support. Other then that I don't give a sh.. if the data you give is real.

Cookies and tracking

This store was build on ready to go PrestaShop e-store so it might track you and set cookies on your device. If you don't want to use cookies disable them in your browser. if you don't want to be tracked get software that blocks tracking or use Tor browser

Cookies and your data might be used to track website usage.

more about PrestaShop:


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