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Donation to support proving that it's possible to drive Fast and Safe in traffic.

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If you think that speed limits are too low to your skills and possibilities of your vehicle and you want speed limits to be faster here you can donate so I can fight for it.

There are few steps of fighting for it.

  1. Research if it's possible (min 20 000 of car drivers and 20 000 of motorcyclists required)
  2. Propose change in law.
  3. Fight to make this law real.

All this is impossible without funding. It's up to you how much you want to donate. I need at least $20 000 a month to do it in USA, £20 000 to do it in UK. For European countries that doesn't have English as their first language it's €25 000 (sorry have to hire translator for €5000 a month that will live with me cause fight for Fast and Safe is 24hour job).

Main Country will be chosen based on the biggest sum of donations but entire research can be word wide but only from countries where at least one donation has came.

Min donation is $/£2 as PayPal + taxes reduce first 1 to almost 0.