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The above are an example of "poinless" things that politicians come up with to annoy us more.

Drivers would like to drive faster outisde build-up area.

Politicians do not bring up the topic ...

of removing the speed limits, because nobody is fighting for it. Until now speed opponents were organized and they win. Time to get organized and stand for something important to us or fall for anything that other people force on us.

Traffic deaths vs smoking and obesity.

Smoking kills 480 000 a year, including 41 000 passives.
Obesity kills 300 000 a year.
Traffic accidents kill 36 000 a year.
Why only speeding is illegal?
Data USA: 2004-2020.

Find out more.

The income of companies allows to finance lobbyists who care for the interests of companies and customers.
$15.5 billion = Tobacco market (2 companies) income = $113 billion => Net Profit $15.5 billion
$31 billion = Obesity market (4 companies) income = $60 billion => Net Profit $31 billion.
$0 = Fight for no limits. Income $ 0, Net Profit $ 0.

Fiscal data: 2018-2019.

Why US data? Because they are the most representative.

Slowly but steadily they are trying to kill the speed. It's time to fight back or let yourself be... used.

In Germany there have been two attempts to eliminate no speed limits on motorways. In Ireland 43% support the implementation of the 80 km/h limit instead of 110 km/h. The choice is simple, either we'll organize ourselves or soon we'll switch to buses , because if you're going 80km/h, you can at least have a drink.

I'm collecting money donations , because politicians understand money.

I collect money to fight for the lack of speed limits outside built-up areas.
If you donate I can fight more, if you don't, say hello to bus and bend over to politicians.

War MoneyWar Money

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Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

Transfer the cash to my Polish account. As reason for transfer enter "FAST AND SAFE DONATION for Emil Samson"

Account number: 15 1050 1227 1000 0091 0867 4228

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Transfer by phone. If you don't have Revolut, find out more on how it works.

DONATION TAX: Approximately 23% of what you donate to me will go for taxes. I'd rather pay more tax than let the Tax Office had a hook on me, because this war is too important.

Why do I need all those money? <- click this button to know even more, why.

A pilot study that I conducted 10 years ago showed that if you follow the right rules, you can ignore speed limits and often drive above the legal speed without ever causing an accident or even avoiding critical road situation, so you will never take part in an accident, even through the fault of a third party. However, it is enough that one element is missing, then an accident may occur. The method was tested on anonymous volunteers because they actually broke the rules so it was hard to conduct official reasearch. 10 years later, I know the method works, and I'd like to do official research to prove the method. I don't need research anymore, but for politicians it can be useful.

What else is money for? The MEP gets about €6 700 / $8 000, the budget for hiring assistants is almost €25 000. Has any MEP done anything for us, people who like to drive fast? I, on the other hand, want to fight for our right to speed, and my interest in history shows that sometimes this kind of fight takes from several years to even 10 years. And you know what, It's hard to wage a war for freedom for millions of people as a part time job. Why millions? Because according to a study published by the Polish National Road Safety Council in 2015, 61% of Polish drivers (13 mln = 100%) would like to drive faster outside build-up areas. So it's 7.93mln drivers in Poland alone! Think now about USA, UK and other countries that you know much more about then Poland! And those countries have more drivers to fight for too! I've learnt driving in Scotland and man I would like to drive fast there! I need about $8 000 net a month to be able to take care of a global full-time fight. If anyone thinks it's a lot, then I invite you to the discussion. This means that

to fight for at least 2 years, we need to collect $192 000 net ($250 000 gross). It's a lot for one person, but if 24 000 people will give me $10.5 each, we have it!

How much will I work?

24h minus sleeping, eating, sex and some other entertainment, i.e. brum brum on the track,

because there is a chance that I will be the most spied driver on the roads so I won't be able to overspeed on public roads anymore. YES I will sacrifice myself! I will drive slower until we win if needed!

I have two to 10 years of hard work to do,

but this is my dream. If you throw in one dollar, you will already help me in making my dream and yours come true, and this dream is

no speed limits outside the built-up areas.

But at first we need to fight for it. And war takes money!

Why me? Why do I take the fight while others just talking?

Because I don't like when someone rapes my right for freedom and takes away the joy of driving. Since I'm not hurting anyone with my fast drive, why can I be punished for it? Is there a chance that someone else will be a better candidate than me? I bet there might be but none of them does, as how many people since 1952, that is, since Germany has no limits on the motorways, have offered to fight for the joy of driving? I am already fighting! Onc man once said Every revolution starts from one man that says "enough"! No idea what his name was as he drove off preatty fast;)

Nie dać się wyr...Don't let them fU

I gather people, because politicians understand votes!

Like International FB Page:
Fallow International Insta:

Whatsup/mobile: 0048505693811 - (it's a polish number, as I reasearch in Poland atm)

Army for WarArmy for War

10 steps to World with no speed limits. To Fast and Safe World.

10 steps to Fast and Safe10 steps to Speed

Step 1. Changing the system of training drivers and instructors

The training system for drivers and instructors in Poland in 2020 is focused on earning money on students. They are tought to pass an exam instead of learning to drive. This leads to more road deaths than in countries where teaching is way better and focused on skills not just passing test. Does the Polish government consciously accept the deaths of drivers for the pure income?

Poland = the top five most deaths on roads in Europe. In 2019 Poland was in 3rd place. Poland was overtook by (2) Bulgaria and (1) Romania. According to the preliminary analysis, the main reason is outdated new drivers training system.

Teach goodTeach good

Step 2. Change of road fines system.

Currently, drivers are punished mainly for speed over the limit. But it is not the speed, but the extortion at intersections that cause accidents. Changing lanes or changing driving direction without the use of turn signals or other traffic extortion also add dead bodies to the pool. Speed used wisely is safe. My reashearch showed that 6% of idiots cause most of accidents. Why good drivers are punished for idiots?

Speed kills idiots?Speed kills idiots?

Step 3. Teaching drivers how to drive fast and safe in traffic.

There is a way of learning to drive that will reduce traffic jams and reduce the number of accidents by up to half or even more, while removing speed limits outside built-up areas. Currently, Germany and the Isle of Man use some of those solutions.

Teach Safe SpeedTeach Safe Speed

Step 4. Change in the regulations on liability for an accident during motoring events.

In some countirs law is consturcted in a way that if any person during motoring event harms other person, the resposiility is taken on the person who orginized the event, not only on the parson who caused the harm. Such laws prevent normal people from organizing trainings in civilized way. Again, normal people are punished because few % are idiots.

Punish idiotsPunish idiots

Step 5. Free system of checking "scrap".

The whole world, including USA, German, United Kingdom and Poland, is flooded with post-accident vehicles or with "shady" service history. For some reason, the governments of all countries cannot create one system for the exchange of information on the history of vehicles, so that broken vehicles disappear from the roads. Time to help the governments that seems to be inept in this matter. And in fact help us, safe drivers.

No to crap carsNo to crap cars

Step 6. Road infrastructure.

For example in Poland they build two lane highways. Yes only two ways in one direction and they don't even leave space to put another two lines. And they are paid! Seems like something from your country too? If not then good. If yes, not so good, huh? But it's just one example. By building roads smart we can make them both fast and safe for all road users.

Fast and Safe roadsFast Roads

Step 7. Traffic tickets for roads.

Currently, politicians ordere to punish drivers by issuing traffic tickets in places where, according to deputies / city presidents / village leaders / councilors / party leaders, etc., it should be slower to drive. Therefore, the fines should be spent on improving these sections so you can drie faster on them. Many people are unaware that the Police issue speed tickets because politicians make them do it. If you want to get mad at someone for fines, get mad at politicians, not police officers.

Educate politiciansEducate politicians

Step 8. Change of road rules.

In some countries, when pedestrian walks on the highway and car kills them, the driver of the car can be punished for killing this idiot, even though pedestrian can not walk on the highway. It's time to stop ruling of the laws protecting idiots.

Stop idiotic lawsStop idiotic laws

Step 9. Change of punishment.

No speed tickets, but higher crash penalties. In a country like the Isle of Man, there are no speed limits outside the built-up area, but you can still get a fine for reckless driving.

No speed ticketsNo speed tickets

Step 10. Teach young.

Let's teach children about road safety in schools on various lessons. For example, physics: braking distance, weight and speed. Chemistry: why old rubber brakes badly. Mathematics: how many cars have to drive 100km of the highway a day to make it profitable to build a new lane?

Use existing toolsUse existing tools
Extra notes: why it's important that we have no speed limits rule: Drivers who think that there is limit don't let faster drivers go. By teaching there are no limits, we teach drivers to be more cautions instead of beliving that all drivers will go as slow as speed limit.